Sunday, March 1, 2009


ok so I totally took this from Perez. and I don't feel like re writing it. Basically Guy Ritchis used to call Madonna "It" amoung his friends.

While perez suck-a-cock hilton is flamming around saying how mad madonna is gonna be when she hears about it....I'm just laughing at the fact that someone she married hated the living shit out of her!!!!! I love Guy!!! He's such a cute britishman and has such a gentle fun loving spirit about him!

and Madonna just sucked it all out of him and now he's kind of aged.

Team Guy all the way.
poor guy...


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dani said...

haha that is exactly how I am going to look once I get a boyfriend. The "I-fucking-own-you" face. Smug smile and all.

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