Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ike/Bobby Charged with two felonies.

As I was looking at chris brown news, the head lines were so funny. they went from serious stuff like "chris brown charged with felonies" and by the end it was like "rhianna takes chris back, what will happen? BET ON IT NOW!"


Anyway Bobby 2.0 (cause remember..back in the day...he used to beat Whitney

...and his last name is also Brown......) could face serious prison time. Like he'd be missing his 21st birthday.

I still dont know the whole story and everyone is going "good!" but we all know all the same details. It's just that to some of us, its gossip and for others its fact. Until those pages get posted on smoking gun or whatever, I'm impartial. Plenty of people change after getting caught abusing their spouse and never do it again. Its just that the odds are usually not in a ladies favor.


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