Saturday, March 28, 2009

I didn't know I was pregnant

Anyone seen this ridic show on Discovery health? Basically it tells the stories of allllll these women who were slim and didn't know they were pregnant and never showed and birthed mostly healthy babies.

I call a lot of bullshit on this. I've seen my fair share of pregnant women working with kids and families. Even a skinny 110 5'5 woman will show at the end of the pregnancy. Enough for other people to at least say "hey fatty whats that really hard bump coming through your stomach?"

Also, what woman goes into adulthood not know how her body works? what kind of woman takes antibiotics in 2006 along with birth control and DOESN'T know they cancel each other out?

I'm also noticing that a lot of these girls look like idiots.

To the women of the world,
Please start reading pregnancy books! its good stuff to know even when you arent pregnant. attention to your body and how your Aunt Flo tends to drop in. Know that birth control is a 2 partner effort and that if you have to shell out 20 bucks for some tiny pills, that he needs to shell out for some latex. Know that if you start gaining weight without any activity level change that something is wrong.

Most importantly if a doctor suggests a pregnancy test and it comes back negative that means a full blown blood, urine and ultrasound need to be done!!!! I found that out back in the day that if you demand procedures be done when there is no concrete answer to your illnesses....they'll do it!

Don't go 30+ weeks not knowing whats going on in your own body. get second opinions and be responsible for your body!!!!!


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