Tuesday, March 24, 2009


*no reason why Jen-An is in this other than they both looked cute!

So I was gonna talk about the terminally ill girl who wants extensive surgery to look like Demi Moore, and how stupid that was because by the time she healed enough to want to do shit she'd probably be too sick to care.....

But heres what I really want to talk about.

Demi Fucking Moore.

I absolutely love Demi Moore. The first movie I ever cried from was Ghost. I have The Seventh Sign on my list of must-replace in DVD format movies. She's gorgeous and funny and sweet and her family rocks. A nice example to women. What I do not get is how people are still commenting on how she has 400,000+ worth of plastic surgery. That overhaul (if true) was in 2003. I don't really see much difference so that means there's been "up keep" the past 6 years most of which is probably done by HER TAKING CARE OF HERSELF!

Plastic surgery is not a quick fix obviously and takes dedication. You can't just get lipo and be skinny all the sudden. that fat gets replaced over time....oh yeah....

Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that, because every article I've read on this sick lady mentions how much plastic surgery Demi had. She just invested in herself. This other lady's out come is like investing in Washington Mutual..


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