Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey, why not?

As I continue "Joan Crawford fest 2009" by watching her in the amazing "A Woman's Face", I keep wondering when someone will realize that this woman needs a proper biopic. Mommie Dearest is how 2 generations formed their opinion on her!

For years I've said that if they ever were to make a film about Joan that didnt paint her as a drag queen....

*I love Faye, but this was too much

that they should use Gillian Anderson...

I mean c'mon! Gillian with good make up and styling is a very fair pick for Joan.

oooh what an extravaganza it could be if they did it similar to say...Aviator?



jennifer smith-nakata said...

in the second picture she looks like someone else.......... help me out here.

The Dahlia said...

I'm gonna need more Jen! you can do it! gimmee a movie at least lol

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