Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey Hollywood get a CLUE

I wanted to take a moment to talk about movie remakes and what I think of them.

Remakes were at first reserved for movies that SUCKED, am I right? It was so movies could get a second chance and it could be done correctly.

What douche bag decided that remakes of good, timeless movies was the way we needed to go as a people?? What taint came up with the idea that movies from only 20 or so years ago was so old that kids and teens and young adults in this time wouldn't understand it unless it had more boobs and f-bombs?? and that no one can have an original idea anymore so we'll just start Americanizing foreign movies...which inadvertently ruins the story line every time.

I really want to meet this guy and just tell him to stop it! (and speaking of, I was told to day by my lovely mother that IT is being remade. That movie still scares me and thats all its supposed to do....).

Clue is also being remade. This is my safety movie. If ever I have free time and none of my movies are appealing, CLUE is what ends up being watched. We don't have the caliber of comedic actors to pull that movie off now!

Fame, another 80's movie I love is also being remade and it basically looks like High School Musical and everyone is going to think Fame ripped off HSM when in reality...its the other way around!

Give me a break! I'm going to "accidentally" miss that one when it comes out.


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