Friday, March 13, 2009

From the People

Every day I get tons of messages and emails informing me about interesting things I should check out. What better way to share with everyone else, than on my blog hmm? So if you have something interesting, send me a message either through Twitter (on the left panel is a link to The Dahlia's official page) or by email

Up first is from my good friend Jen who informed me of the charge made in Hollywood that was a long time coming: Howard K Stern. I can't believe its been 2 years since I sat in the dentist's office and heard on the waiting room tv that Smith had died. For some reason I have dozens of memories involving her during my late high school early college years. Maybe it was her tv show but I truely believe it was the way she lost weight and finally looked like the lady I loved back in the day! I whole heartedly believe she was as close to being Marilyn in terms of psychology and physicality than any celebrity will ever be. That takes dedication!

Anna to me was an amazing spirit plagued by bad men and bad drugs. If she had simply met a soul like hers who didn't want her for her body, money or fame, but because she was sincere. She always looked for a daddy when what she really needed was a like mind to talk to. Stern is with out a doubt the nastiest character in celebrity drama cases. He could easily be compared to the horrible man known as Paul Snider!

*For those who don't know who Paul Snider is..he killed Dorothy Stratten in 1980, the same year she made Playmate of the Year. She was a gorgeous model who dated and married Pimp Pimperson Snider. He got jealous of her fame and shot her and himself like a coward when Dorothy finally decided to leave his crazy ass.

It's the same story over and over again and I wish these ladies would realize all the shady characters that can cling on to them!

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