Friday, March 27, 2009

Dude of the Week

Jaime Foxx (no not busta)
*Busta don busted his seams a little huh? but look at that watch!

Back in the day I would've said hands down that Will Smith was going to be the music star NOT Jaime Foxx

but then
-will smith married Jada Pinkett
-Will Smith quit tv cause he thought we wanted to see him on the big screen. Did anyone let him know we just like Men in Black and Independence Day?
-Will Smith met Tom Cruise
-Will Smith started believing his movies were "important".

and now Jaime Foxx has one of the best songs on the radio right now. Overplayed but still fantastic.

At 41 years old I think its pretty sweet that he's enjoying a late in life hip hop career. Hanging out with rappers that were the shit back when he was popping up in 4 scenes in my favorite dating movie, The Truth About Cats and Dogs!

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Ben said...

The Truth About Cats and Dogs is one of the two best romcoms ever!!! The other is The Matchmaker. Hm, any coincidence that they both star Janeane Garafolo? :)

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