Friday, March 20, 2009

Dude of the week: Throw back edition!


I'm gonna do it.

Fred Durst.

Oh Freddy. This guy used to be the cats pajamas in my book. Limp Bizkit was and will always be a quite innovative band. In more recent listening my friends and I have realized the depth of Durst's lyrics during a time when more people were interested in what "Nookie" was instead of what all he did to achieve it.

Later in the early 2000's their phenominal bassist quit, the band split up, and for some reason Fred Durst ended up looking like this for a while
*Just horrible...even for The Tom Green show

But before he looked like what your next door neighbor with the busted car in they yard would look like....there was that breife moment where HE thought he was dating BRITNEY SPEARS. Remember that? yeah it was back in 2003. I remember thinking "oh yeah right" but he's still talking about it and now that I know Ms. Spears is kind of a may have happened!

anyway I decided to check on Freddy and things seem to be looking up. He's directing a little bit more which is always awesome, and he was on House looking like a ligit character actor

*Yay House MD!

He's looking healthy and kept, so I thought I would be nice and give this to a guy who reminds me of my angst ridden rocker adolescence!
*He's totally still hot and you all know it..


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