Sunday, March 8, 2009

Does this make anyone else feel old?

James Van Der Beek is 32, Freddie Prinze, Jr. is 33

p.s. lolz at the website mark...

now I don't know about you other peeps but I totally had a crush on Freddie for a hot minute, and While I never understood the fascination with James Five Header Beek, I absolutely have a Teen Beat or something with him splashed throughout its pages.

Anyway if you care, both of these losers aren't doing much. Both married. Both doing tv shows and movies like this shit. It's totally cool that Freddie Prinze Jr. hyphen Gellar is still getting work but is it believable that they are in those roles?!

BTW this is what they look like now..

p.p.s Lolz at the blatant FIVE HEAD that they photoshopped out of that WB picture.

A still from Jack and Jill vs the world...or maybe CSI New York, who cares...


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