Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Arizona *personal rant. may offend just about everyone*

please stop comparing the civil rights movement to the current events concerning hispanic immigration.

It's not the same thing. SIMILAR....but not the same.

Africans were brought to this country by force and distaste . When the country was finally finished building its first stable legs with the blood sweat and tears of slaves, they were set "free" but continued to be harassed, maimed, and reprimanded for their culture and beliefs. They were raised to believe they were nothing more important than a working mule. No school, no money, no credit, little land etc. This continued for decades. Even today I am still called out because of my race. The day after Obama was elected, what do ya know, I was called a nigger at a stop light. I had to explain to a child this past week WHY I was black. this kid was 4. The parents never spoke to him or exposed him to anything outside of rich white folk. Thats just plan sad. The funny thing is that the hispanic girl in the class also had no idea WHY I was a different color, which worries me....

anyway back to the topic. Hispanics in AZ. I've had this conversation time and time again with many different people and here is my thing: Blacks were treated like niggers for hundreds of years. They were taught to be ignorant, they were called lazy when they rested, and they were less than unattractive to any respectable least when not behind closed doors.

Hispanics are saying that this new law being passed that gives the po po the right to stop them just because they look illegal is unfair. Sure is. no doubt about it. But when your peoples have lived up to the stereotype for 40-50 years it has to happen. Just like how back in the day I used to get followed in stores downtown because an entire generation of blacks had thieved their way through every store it seemed. What other way are we supposed to stop illegal immigrants who are MARGINALLY mexican from breaking the law? Am I proud of all my black peoples? NO! I love black people but I hate niggas. Can't stand them. Just how I LOVE hispanics, but I hate me some beaners.

Something needs to be done and fast. Property is astonishingly bad in "urban" areas. Taking a drive down town is as depressing as ever because of all the houses that seem to be held together by ducktape (which is what they looked like before the actual depression). lets not forget with 2008 Hummers parked outside...

Everything is translated into spanish. I can't go to my old neighborhood because there are no english translations to anything! This was a neighborhood that 10 years ago didn't have shopping centers with all spanish speaking stores. We celebrate hispanic holidays in schools, we teach spanish in daycare (where were the ebonics? oh yeah that one year in the 90's when they tried and gave up. jk I don't want ebonics in school). The state has WAY better government systems for large families as well including religious friendly birth control options for our Catholic and LDS friends.

maybe this law isn't the answer but its certainly not cause for the local hispanic leagues to yet again proclaim that mexican is the new black, and that we should start having marches, and uh oh watch out for them hoses!


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