Friday, March 13, 2009

Chris Cornell...where ya been?

I remember sneaking my moms copy of Euphoria Morning by Chris Cornell and just listening to the beautiful voice in each song.

Then AudioSlave happened and I lost all faith. I mean how many times can we listen to him squeal "in your house i long to be" ??

Anyway thanks to Ben for updating me on what our lovely Chris is up to. Long Gone (hehe) are the drugs and drinking that effect his artistic abilities, and here we have a very new crisp and modern and TIMBALANDIZED Chris Cornell! The album isn't as "personal" as his past ones, which is something that happens when you add synths and sound clips etc. It becomes manufactured. Luckily for Chris its in a good way.

I of course enjoyed "Take Me Alive" and "Scream", the latter of which should be a radio release because its perfect for adult top 40 stations who still love "Apologize"!! right?! This is the market Madonna was trying to tap into with "4 minutes"...and it failed horribly for her so she went and found Jesus....

what do you think of Chris' Album? Heard an album you recommend? Leave it below!



Ben said...

REALLY glad you liked it. It's getting ripped to shreds out there. Trent Reznor called it embarrassing . . . but bless 'im, Trent is the poster child for white dudes with no Soul in his bones. Maybe I should talk, but I think I know a good record a bit better than Trent at this point.

The Dahlia said...

Oh yes, Trent is just not the cats pajamas in my eyes. Back in the day when he wasn't quite as pouty...

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