Monday, March 30, 2009

Because there is nothing of importance to write about today

Does anyone else get disgusted with themselves over the inappro thoughts they have involving Taylor Hotner? He's a total tool when he speaks and sounds like a Disney channel rep wrote every word he says but.....

NO 17 YEAR OLD SHOULD LOOK THAT GOOD. oh yeah ladies...this one was born in 1992. I may be a late 80's kid but....people born in the 90s and after are just weird.

anyway this kid is just the cats pajamas to me right now. Perfect teeth, a 9 pack AND some money stashed away.

Where is the countdown and sign me up!

I'm such a pervert.


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Becky said...

Agreed. He's a uber hottie. Yet, being attracted to him makes me feel like a child molester.

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