Monday, March 2, 2009

Ashton, you crazy bitch

Reading my blogs this morning (aww just like the morning paper. 'member those?) and of course I came upon a post by Perez. I love stealing his things and tearing them down.


Some "celebs" really think they're above the law. Others are just plain idiots.

Ashton Kutcher is both!

The former model and TV star thinks it's cool to ride his motorcycle and steer with just one hand so he can film himself riding with his other hand, while endangering the lives of everyone around him.

On Sunday, Ashton decided to update his Twitter page with the following message: "a qik ride on the bike"

The link takes you to his video page where Mr. Einstein filmed his whole biking "experience."

Hey, at least he was wearing a helmet!"

Now. The video itself shows ashton being kind of wobbly...but maybe that's because hes going like 30mph most of which is down a street that has like 3 moving cars and no people outside. Yep that's real dangerous Perez.

Motorcycles are dumb. its from personal experience but thats what they are to me. The dumbest mode of transportation your money can by besides a hot air balloon. But I don't think ashton's shenanigans were all that horrible or out of character lol

its Ashton Kutcher guys! I expect him to do shit like this and be funny about it. I wish he'd be funny again....*remembers back to the good ole days*

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