Friday, February 13, 2009

Well at least it wasn't in the US

aww totally cute. Lil bro and sis. Unfortunately the circumstances are way more complicated for these two because


The boy in the picture is Alfie Patten who is 13 years old. Yeah I thought he was lying too but he is in fact 13. He and his 15 year old nastyfrass "girlfriend" Chantelle (not many people go far with that name anyway...) just had baby Maisie in the UK. Alfie was only 12 when conception occured and Chantelle hid her pregnancy for months until her bump was too difficult to hide.

1) Why do teenage mothers think they can hide a growing fetus? We've all seen pregnant women and we all know they get as big as the sun....

Alfie says he is going to be a great father even though he only gets £10 occassionally.

and yes that's Chantelle....

I dunno guys. I think this may just be more disgusting than Octo-Pussy. Imagine ladies, if that were your lover.....

Here is the link to the full article AND video interview of the two. My favorite line

reporter: what will you do financially?
Alfie: whats "financially"?

Great! not only is he totally irresponsible but he's a stupid 13 year old too. Isn't he in middle school? I remember having financial as a spelling word in 5th or 6th grade.

My prediction: Chantelle wanted a baby and no one her age would have sex with her so she decided to settle real low for a 12 year old to get the job done.

I think I'd be ok with this if he didn't look like a friend of my sisters.



Anonymous said...

omg! That shit is nasty. 13? He looks five years old! And the girl is a straight hoe... for show.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... that's really quite shocking he looks so young and her! well the words for her just aren't appropriate for this comment.

Ben_8692 said...

This is sooooo nasty, he's only like 4 foot, and his voice isn't the hell did he manage sex?!

Mary Zapalova said...

Oh my god, that is sick.

Anonymous said...

I bet that nigga doesn't even know how to read!

T-T-T-TODAY JUNIOR! -Billy Madison


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