Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank god its not in 3D

3D movies are slowly boring me. Just as it probably did with kids in the 80's and 50's. Basically any time there is an economic crisis, theaters bust out the 3D glasses and hike up ticket prices. I hate having to wait a month or so for 3D movies to be released in regular format at a convenient theater! If anything, make movies really good regardless of the digital clarity or make 3D intense like Disneyland!

Anyway if 3D movies weren't enough, there are an ass load of remakes coming out for the Summer Slasher Season. First up is A Haunting in Connecticut. Now I saw this on Discovery Channel YEARS ago. I wasn't impressed with it then. It's really religious (unless they changed that for the movie), and Im always cautious about haunted house movies because they always end up under the Ammityville curse. Bullshit claims from a family that wont tell the truth, and the kids grew up with the lies and don't know what really happened. The movies are usually reeeeeaaally far fetched and "shadowy". You can't make anything out except the obvious and cheap special FX. And its always really short because horror movies now are about 45 minutes shorter than they used to be...

Some disappointments similar in tone:
Darkness Falls
An American Haunting
Amittyville Horror (both the 70's and 00's versions)

If the trailer is any indication, I'm probably going to skip it

but thank god its not in 3D....

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