Friday, February 20, 2009

Rhianna picture making waves

The picture posted earlier of Rhianna's beaten face has been making waves (understandably) in the internet world. Many are saying that it was out of line for a picture so "gruesome" to be displayed in such a way.

But pictures of Amy Wino tumbling down the street in a drugged stupor is just fine? Pictures of Britney Spears who clearly suffers from mental illness, being rolled on a gurney into an ambulance after a tense stand off with her children locked in a bathroom is ok?

When did people who clamor for the latest gossip suddenly get moral? These are the same people posting depressing photos of celebrities dying of cancer! But its ok because we've been desensitized to cancer. Cancer is all around us, so no big whoop.

I posted that picture because the world needs to see MORE abused spouses. They need to know how not ok it is to abuse a significant other (or anyone) no matter the gender.

I also posted that picture to show young women that THAT is the end result to stupidity. A woman with any self respect would never stay with a spouse that abuses them like that or in any other way. This is not 1940 when it was acceptable to "smack her around a little bit". This is two thousand and muthafuckin nine for crying out loud. And women are STILL putting up with this?

I am embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for Rhianna. I'm embarrassed that a woman who's main selling point is that she is a "strong" and "independent" artist, has been stripped bare and this is what she truly is. It's the one time she should have believed her own hype.

Chris Brown should get persecuted not for beating a woman, but a human being. Of course no court is going to ignore the fact that she is a "small, innocent lady". And even if this does go to court, what outcome is acceptable to the general public? He can't go to prison for beating someone up. He can only be put on probation, maybe a fine, maybe anger management. All the while people are gonna watch his every move then slowly forget about him. His career is over, there is no doubt about that. Hollywood is unforgiving.

I just want to know what everyone wants out of this? what punishment is justified in this instance? not much.

PS to see just how gender bias physical abuse information image it. You'll see a whole hell of a lot of women with black eyes....Lets remember that men are abused too ok?


Ben Adams said...

Dead on. I too was amazed this morning too see outraged moaning about this photo being released. THIS is the sort of thing which needs to get out there, more than paparazzi shots of drunk celebs. This sort of thing continues because it's treated as a domestic dispute and hidden away. The perpetrators need to be shamed with the proof of what they did; that's how they keep their power, by shaming their victims. No one wants to be seen with their face puffy and black and blue, so the victims hide themselves away and the bad guys get to keep on keepin' on. The hell with that.

Boo, keepin it real said...

Are you KIDDING ME?!?! THIS photo is too much?? When you sit there and make up stories about drug addictions, failed marriages, pregnancies, divorce, cheating spouses, alcoholics, and yes, even DEAD celebrities (Ana Nicole ring a bell?)and have all the photos in the world to "prove" it, but showing her face after what that stupid motherfucker did is too much?? THE TRUTH IS TOO MUCH??

FUCK the celebrity peanut gallery. These celebrities are real people, with real lives, just under a very real spotlight. It's a shame what happened to Rihanna but unfortunately he won't get the punishment he deserves but at least she will have learned a valuable lesson. I can't wait until she starts speaking out about it.

ps- Chris Brown should have a bunch of guys just gang up on him and prison beat his ass, like with soap in the socks. He'd never forget that, would he?

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