Friday, February 27, 2009

Megan Fox: Just not that interesting

Maybe its the almost laughably 90's 90210 style shes got (including banging one of the alumni for almost 2 years).
*Thanks Perez
Maybe its the cheap angelina look she's got. A "poor mans angie" if you will, tattoos and all.
Maybe its even that she herself thinks shes hot...but Megan Fox just doesn't catch my fancy...

I'm so tired of hearing that she's broken up with Brian Austin Green. Everywhere, TMZ, PITNB, of course even gaylicious Perez is jumping on the story. I think he's WAY HOTTER than her! If you aren't a 13 year old boy you probably could care less about him. BAG has longevity!

Megan just doesn't have what other hotter girls do. She's too young and processed and fake. Her hair and make up must take forever.

Lets hear about Demi Moore or something. Someone who has taken care of themselves and isn't just lucking into being pretty!


Ben said...

She's a stripper who got lucky. As opposed to someone cool who also happened to be a stripper, like Diablo Cody.

Anyway, Fox is sooooo overrated. I just don't see anything there worthy of attention.

Anna Chenoweth!!! said...

Have you seen her thumbs?!

The Dahlia said...

no! Do tell!

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