Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lily Allen to Perez Hilton: "You are obsessed"

Ms. Allen. A young lady that just has talent. Every song I hear from her automatically resonates with an experience I have had. Thats when you know you have a true artist.

Anyway, Perez has been on Ms. Allen's back for almost a year and some change, calling her a drunk, a slut, and all around uncool. Funnily enough he still finds time to stalk the shit out of her on every social network available.

Mr. Perez just doesn't like that Lily has expressed her dislike with Katy Perry. I also don't like Ms. Perry. Until I see the bitch pen a hit song before my eyes, I take her songs with a grain of "hollywood producers created this" salt. She uses sex and very short skirts to sell her records and I don't appreciate being lied to. Also she ain't that pretty.

Perez has now taken to Twitter (which I'm on, go find me!) to harrass Lily and during this charade it became clear what Pere'z motives are: TO GET IN LILY'S NEW VIDEO!

LA times posted this article describing this mornings back and forth twit-fight and this quote struck me as off:

"When Perez egged her on, jokingly posting that he should be cast in Allen's next video, the Brit shot back with the strongest line of this mini-Twitter tussle: "oh, I'm sorry , we've already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time eh ?"

Now. If someone hates you soooo much, why would they want to be part of your video? This sounds familiar

OH YEAH! cause he kinda just did the same thing with B spears!!! Perez who continually slammed Britney is now going to be in her tour, as I earlier reported. Seems Hilton just loves to work with those he puts down. Thankfully this isn't Lily Allen's first time at the rodeo...

It's not going to work this time, MARIO.



Benjamin Adams said...

Yeah, Lily's the real thing, with more real talent in her pinky than in the entirety of Britney's abuse-puffed bod . . . Perez has more than met his match with her. Hope she sticks to her guns!

Mary Zapalova said...

Damn right! I love Ms. Allen. So much talent in such a cute little honest package!

(Hope her the best with her relationships, though.. ouch!)

Anonymous said...

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