Sunday, February 15, 2009

I wonder if Miley watches "Don't Forget the Lyrics"

OK! so she forgot about...ohhh 7 seconds worth of lyrics to the song. Obvs she didn't write the tune and she's too busy being a teeny bopper ho to learn her songs. Just another piece of proof that disney kids can't all be pop stars..

The song itself is a catchy little bippy and if someone else had sang it, I'd probably like it.

anyway the point of this blog is: why is this girl so hot at such a young age? she's wearing waaaay less that Ms. Spears wore back in the day and she's not even 18 yet!


Your boo said...

Yeah dude shes 15 and like developing and wearing no bra and outfits like that.. come on. That is one of the many things I hate about hollywood, they dont let kids just be kids, they have to be sex idols. *sigh*

Where's the chubby funny kid that everyone likes enough not to photoshop? And still give him credit for being a kid in Hollywood.. they would probably go off about childhood obesity. lol

Anonymous said...

I really hate this hoe, for show. Jail baiting jezebel! I know, she's so skanky! Why would parents let that trifling bitty be a role model to their daughters? I'm so glad she forgot the lyrics, just a little more proof that this cumguzzler is dumb as hell. My niece is five and she told me that next year for Halloween, she wants to dress up like Hannah Montana. I don’t want her dressing like a hussy. Ya heard?

Ben_8692 said...

I was watching this when it happened!?. I thought the mic went off or something. Why cant Disney actually produce proper talent!

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