Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey wtf?

Perez Hilton has decided to never mention again all the hurtful and shitty things he's said about Britney Spears in the past 3 years apparently. So has britney's peeps.

The blogger is set to open Spear's Circus tour in the same fashion that Britney cameo-ed in Madonnas tour this past year.

Now this dude has called her a bad mother, a drug addict, and an all around skanky insane bitch, but he doesn't seem to mind being a fat hypocrite. He even judges people for being fat!!! Including Britney Spears!!!! He's bigger than half of Hollywood.

I simply don't understand why this fool gets away with being such a flip flopper. Politically this dude DESPISED Obama basically for being a black man who associated with other black people that don't like gays. Mr. Hilton just couldn't love Hilary enough....till she fuckin lost. Then it was Obama obama obama.

I myself am going to the Circus and now will have to sit through another one of his bullshit publicity stunts. Thats not what I paid for....



Anonymous said...

Perez is FAKE!

Ben_8692 said...

I hate how he calls people fat and's like look at yourself PLEASE

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