Friday, February 20, 2009

Dude of the week

Jim Parsons.

If you still think CBS is for old people who watch JAG, you're mistaken. CBS's new line up includes some of the best comedies on television. The Big Bang Theory is a situation comedy that revolves around 4 very smart geeks and their blonde bombshell friend accross the hall. Jim Parsons I say proudly, is 99% why I watch the show every week. His texan drawl, mile a minute intelligent monologues and skinny, geeky qualities makes him an instant favorite.

If you're wondering what the other 1% is that bring me in every week....

No no, not the TW's! it's Johnny Galecki! The extremely talented actor from Roseanne fame. He pretty much plays a smarter version of David, but who could ever tire of him?

Anyway, congrats to Jim Parsons and tune in Mondays on CBS.

PS Catch the Doctor Who Refrence!

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Ben said...

Did you say, "Call Temple Beth Seder?"


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