Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dating is Dead

Has anyone seen the OnlineBootyCall.com commercials lately? Yeah me too and I almost threw up. Not only do these creeps already have a website for booty calls...Myspace... but now they are advertising their chauvinistic ways?

The commercial basically says any man who wants commitment is a loser and that us young pretty girls don't like that. Wrong. What we don't like are booty calls. Bitches be crazy.

The commercials come on after 9pm so keep your eyes pealed. It'll be the one between the Girls Gone Wild and Sham WOW! ads..

If you don't waste your time with evil television here's one for your youtubing pleasure.



Benjamin Adams said...

Have you looked at their website? Finding the one ethnic person in the picture is like playing fucking Where's Waldo. Screw 'em.

Boo, for rizzeal said...

And who wants to marry a girl walking around in a half shirt and pants showing off her bikini wax?

Apparantly "Dr. Moooooses". Nice half-sleeves Doctor.

*jerk motion*

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