Monday, February 23, 2009

A Blog for Grandma

On a real life note, memories are high in the house as we attempt to move for the first time in 8 years. Blogging may be slowed during this time but don't worry..I'm still up on my gossip and brewing!

My grandma attached in some way to an object I haven't seen SINCE I moved. It's an amazing experience only professional pack rats experience. Those who keep the oddest items simply for the memory.

I've realized that my young sister will never know any of the things I remember about my grandma. She wont have stories to tell about her, a snipet of her laugh from a not too memorable moment of hilarity in which she let her real laugh ring loud about the house. And what better way to tell a storie about when fast food was not a daily occurance through out the week, but a treat for when we were good on long winded errands, than in a childrens story book, with one very poiniant picture drawing??


-Joce aka DD

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