Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angelina to Nadya: she's "creepy"...

Now I think this is just rich!!! Angelina "I made out with my brother, married someone named billy bob, give' my kids knives and let them draw guns and google white supremist websites" Jolie has called Octo-pussy "creepy"!!!

Calling the kettle I see, Angie.

It's also being reported in the Chicago Times that Octo-pussy has has extensive plastic surgery to help her look like Angelina.

My question is: How did she afford it? And did she mistakenly assume that Angelina was going to take care of all of her spawn, 2 of which are on disability?

You know every new year we get the first of many hilarious, Ripley's -like characters that come out of no where for their 15 minutes of fame. I am delighted that this bat shit crazy woman could possibly knock Angelina off her pedistal. After Octo is gone, we're all gonna notice that Angie is only a few degrees less crazy....


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E said...

To her plastic surgeon: FAIL.

She looks like Alanis Morrisette about a decade or so ago.

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